Friday, 12 June 2015

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We welcome you to Meraki Connexion! We are four human ecology alums with a zealous and growing desire to showcase our skill sets, gifts, and knowledge - ready to take on the fashion world. With humble intentions, we are initiating this to fuel our creativity whereby we are able to share something of value with each other and our community. It’s a connexion deriving from the heart of meraki – of soul, love, and of passion. We dream big, strive to make a positive difference, and are four unique individuals with a common goal to uplift each other’s talents.

Instead of waiting for an opportunity, we are creating ours. It is one that is for us and for others to experience a “meraki” moment in all of our lives. With our passion, creativity, and friendship we bring forward a blog to develop a connection with others that transcends our own interests. Join us as we venture into fashion, photography, design, and other projects while having fun!

Don’t be fooled by my small stature and bubbly face, you’re going to hear this lady roar. Eventually. Currently a budding fashion designer (although Kim Kardashian preferred Sid Neigum’s entry), I’m for the quirky, the whimsical, and strangely delightful. Although I adore the creativity found in fashion design, the tawdry and even destructive glamour of the industry leaves much to be desired. My intention is to pursue my talents and my need to create in the spirit of humility and graciousness. I see the future of our local fashion industry as being a robust community that is built upon mutual encouragement, support, and sustainability. Also, I have penchant for tea, macarons, and great novels.

I've always had a strong passion in health and wellness, fitness, art, design, photography, fashion, hair, and makeup in one package. My faith holds firmly with Christ, and I believe that beauty or attractiveness is never based on wearing provocative and revealing attire (1 Peter 3:3). With that being said, I love the joy of reaching out to women to help them find, appreciate and respect the inner and outer beauty they are already blessed with. I am a certified freelance makeup artist, and I currently run a personal beauty blog, and was previously one of the duo from the Edmonton-based fashion and style blog The Androgyne-us, so some of you may actually already be familiar with me. If you love art, makeup, or animals, we already have something in common.

With a heart for celebrating life’s glorious moments, two or three people are enough for me to get my party planning engine started. A self-proclaimed trendy mall rat by day (I work behind the scenes at a mall), I am a creative idea machine for all things fashion, events, and adventurous! With a driven entrepreneurial mind and retail background, I hope to merge these passions of mine with a desire to serve others, bring awareness to social injustices, and demonstrate that you can be ambitious, yet remain humble from the momentary drives of the world. Oh! I also love to travel, learn about new cultures, and get inspired by the world as captured by my travel blog Phollow Me There.

I'm that girl who is inspired by all things social media and celeb-related. There is nothing more exciting to me than spending hours on Pinterest, watching YouTube, or reading blogs. When I'm not working at my retail job, my life consists of ballet barre classes, expanding my wardrobe, and knowing too much about One Direction. You'll rarely find me in anything but leggings and I dream of traveling the world to adventure for days on days. I hope for this blog to be a place where I can chronicle my life events, and build greater relationships along the way. No matter what someone tells you, shopping is always a good idea.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to connect with us. Here's to the start of something new!


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