Friday, 19 June 2015

We Made These Memories For Ourselves


Hello blogging world! I'm so stoked for what's to come this summer after all the fun I've had this past week! Last week I celebrated my birthday and even though I'm not so into getting older, I think it's a good excuse to treat yourself; like maybe see a live concert...or two? Well yeah that's just gives you an idea of how I party. I was lucky enough to see Imagine Dragons and Ed Sheeran. Excuse the poor quality of photos as my phone failed to capture the awesomeness. 

With all the excitement I've had this week, I felt overjoyed with emotions. Which is why I was inspired by this video to share 15 of my favourite feelings. So here we go:

1. The anticipation of the opening song at a concert and listening to the album when you get home to relive all the greatness

2. Opening a beauty subscription box full of wonderful surprises

3. Crying of laughter while watching a YouTube video

4. Having freshly painted nails

5. Waking up early to work out and having a full day ahead of you

6. Reminiscing on last years travel adventures

7. The smell of freshly steeped tea

8. You're favourite TV characters finally becoming a couple and share the ultimate cute moments for the rest of the season

9. Finding someone else is thinking or feeling the exact same way as you do

10. Looking back at what you have accomplished and knowing you have done well

11. Finishing an exam and being so glad you completed it that you don't even care about how you did

12. Hearing someone thank you for your efforts

13. Getting so caught up in a book you will not put it down till you find out what happened

14. Exploring the streets of London

15. Having something turn out ten times better than you had expected

I have a super exciting vacation lined up for next month, along with a couple more concerts that I can't wait to share with you all! What are some of your favourite feelings and what are you going to get up to this summer?

xo Steph

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