Friday, 31 July 2015

Roadtrip Recap

Earlier this month, Ann and Sarah both adventured down South, to our neighbours, for a weekend getaway filled with explorations and fun! Here's a recap of some of our favourite moments as told by our photos. You may have seen some of these shots from our Instagram already!

Sarah's highlights:

1. Checking out the Inglewood neighbourhood filled with novelty and boutique shops that offers creative spaces for you to get your hands deep in diy.  There also happened to be a night market that evening filled with local artists, crafts, food trucks, and live music-perfect timing and a perfect evening!

2. Strolling along side the Bow River and taking in the city's landscape and view. It was very refreshing to take a step back from the city life and embrace the scenery. The stylish bridges reminded me of the ones I saw in Europe.

3. Creme Brulee from Burnt to Order at Crossroads Market; Calgary's only speciality creme brulee shop that is SO DELICIOUS! I'll be back in a heartbeat, and I absolutely adore the sweet creator behind this store-personality, charisma, and culinary background.

4. Free Stampede breakfast at Olympic Plaza downtown and soaking in the festive atmosphere in the air-bacon imbedded pancakes and horse rides.

5. The Stampede itself - the epic shows, the fair food, the rodeo culture galore! I haven't had such a great time at a fair for a while- the child at heart in me was very satisfied.

Ann's highlights:

1. Taking on a challenging trek by hiking up Horsethief Canyon in Drumheller. I don't know how people do this in flip-flops, but there were some. Pictured, are my two siblings climbing the highest peak.

2. Perusing the fine display of fossils and bones at the Royal Tyrell Museum. It was quite packed in there, which I'm guessing was attributed to the craze over Jurassic World.

3. Supping at Shibuya Izakaya. My favourite dishes are the fresh oysters in ponzu sauce, the beef tataki, the salmon sashimi, and the spicy tuna roll. I'm pretty sure you can order anything on the menu, and it will taste absolutely sublime.

4. Village Ice Cream to cleanse the palate. I recommend pairing the Phil & Sebastian Coffee with Earl Grey Tea for a "milk tea" ice cream.

5. Revisiting the Calgary Zoo after many many years and reliving some fond childhood memories of this place. Much of the day was overcast, so the animals were more active with the cooler temperatures and fewer guests. (We saw a lion break off a huge branch when he snatched his lunch hanging from it!)

6. Kissing a dinosaur!

Photo credits: I would like to thank RJ and my cousin, Diane, for letting me use some of their photos for this post.

xo Sarah & Ann

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