Sunday, 30 August 2015

What's In My Bag

Hey there!
For the past few months I've been carrying around this backpack purse and wanted to share the things you might find in there along with a few tips on keeping your stuff organized. Cause lets face it, a girl's purse is a tell all to her life isn't it?

Bag: Abercrombie & Fitch

The Life Essentials:
wallet: Kate spade, phone, keys, glasses
Basically my life depends on these 4 things; Having a lanyard saves me from fishing around my bag for my keys every time I'm getting to my car

Cant Go the Day Without:
lip balm: Rocky Mountain Soap Co., phone charger, sunglasses: Kate spade, hand lotion: The Body Shop, hand sanitizer: Bath and Body Works, hair ties: Swirly Dos
There's nothing worse than leaving the house with a 5% battery, or having your hair all over your face, and who knows how many germs you've come into contact with during your daily routine

Very Important Products:
lipstick: Stila, mascara: Makeup Forever, moisturizer: Clinique, CC cream: Clinique, mini eyelash curler: Julep, gum: Project 7, makeup bag: BreakupsToMakeup Ipsy glambag
I'm one of those people who wants to be over prepared rather than going out in public wishing you had put something on your face to look less deadly ;)

Every Day is an Adventure:
day planner, pen
Ever make plans than find out you've double booked yourself? Carrying my planner is the only way I can some what keep my life organized and know what's going on. Plus this works great for when I wish I had written down the thoughts I had earlier in the day

To be honest I probably carry too much with me on a daily basis and my shoulders hate me for it, but hey at least I'm prepared! Do you have different essentials you carry in your purse everywhere? 

xo Steph

Thursday, 20 August 2015

YEG Scenic Spots

Sitting on a bench and absorbing the city view is one of my favourite things to do to help relieve stress. It's a bonus that this is a free activity at that. Through the course of this summer, I have been coming across great viewing spots in Edmonton. Given that there are just so many great places to take in the view, I wanted to cover some of the less popularly-populated locales (except for the first one). Despite having been born and raised here, these are places new to me. There's still quite a chunk of the city to explore!

Gallagher Park
Oddly enough, I have never been here even though it's a rather well-known park in the city (Folk Fest) - not for city-gazing, that is. I did come here once, last winter, to go tobogganing. The hill was basically ice, and I remember my brother slicing his hand on the perilous terrain. I was too busy either crawling up the hill or focusing my gaze towards the base of the hill, so I missed a chance to take in the view of our skyline. Goodness, did I miss out! What a spectacular view with the multicolour buildings, all the greenery, and the peek of the Muttart Conservatory and the Dove of Peace.

Laurence Decore Lookout
Located in Old Strathcona, this is another lovely place to observe the skyline as well as to catch a glimpse of the River Valley. At night, it becomes a twinkling display of eerily colourful lights.

Alexander Circle Park
Though it doesn't afford a city view, it's got a water fountain and huge draping trees encircling the park. The houses possess so much character and their lawns beautifully manicured. My best friends introduced me to this place where we enjoyed funny chatter over tea, sandwiches, and cute desserts.

Belgravia Dogs Off Leash Site
Those benches, on a hill, above Fox Drive have got me curious for years. Where is the path that leads to these benches? This year, I made it my mission to finally find out. From this point, some notable places are the Whitemud Equine Centre Learning Association and the Valley Zoo. The view behind isn't too bad either with the neighbourhood's distinctive homes. 

It is for certain that I have only scratched the surface of where to go for scenic views in Edmonton, so if you have places you recommend please share in the comments section. I'm always looking to add more viewing spots to my repertoire!

xo Ann

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Guerlain Meteorites in 02 Clair

Hello all you lovely people out there!

Carmen here! Here's a product I've been wanting to review for a long time since it's been out on the market for a while. I've always been a fan of pastel colors, so when I came across this product by Guerlain, I was more than curious to how it can enhance my makeup looks. The packaging is on point (comes in a sturdy metal can with pretty designs on the lid) and was enough to get me to just buy the product, but overall, the delicate little pastel beads were what intrigued me the most. 

This product can be used as a highlighter, but it has tiny speckles of glitter to it, so it's not ideal if you are trying to achieve a natural, matte look. Therefore, I'd definitely think twice before buying this product if you are that matte makeup style person. I personally don't mind a tiny bit of sparkle on my face on more special occasions, but I generally don't use this powder on a daily basis. This product is on the market for about $68 Cdn, so it is definitely on the luxury/higher end of the spectrum. If you don't mind the brand and are just looking for decent, less expensive highlighter, there are for sure other comparable products out there for a fraction of the price. Will I buy this product again?...I think I'm going to have to say no due to the price...and that there are other similar products out there for less. Also another down side is that the powder can easily make a mess on your table or clothes if you careful with opening the lid...but whatevs. I'll live with it haha. On another hand...I love the smell of it!

Oh and by the way, these meteorites come in three shades. Clair 02, Medium 03, and Dore 04. Check em' out here.

Anyways, here's a Youtube video on how to achieve a radiant glow using the Guerlain Meteorites!

That's it for now!

Instagram: Carmen_cl91

PS: On another note, check out a recent makeup project of mine in collaboration with Alyssa Lau from the Ordinary People blog!

Friday, 7 August 2015

Wedding Guest Looks

It is no surprise that wedding season is in full bloom this summer. Though Edmonton is known for short summers, it still does live up to the name of "Sunny Alberta". It is tough to go through a weekend without spotting a bride and groom at some point. Besides the wedding party, guests are also expected to dress the part and why not take advantage of the opportunity to get dolled up? Sometimes wedding dress codes may not be as straight forward as you may think, so in this post we are sharing with you four wedding guest looks that you may come across.

Black Tie

Wedding invites stating black tie usually means that the wedding is going to be classy, elegant, and leaning towards an opulent celebration. This is your opportunity to go full out and put on the ritz! We're talking floor length gowns and fancy cocktail dresses. Dark colours and sparkling accents are most suitable to emulate high class.  Ann is wearing a sequin and stripe midi-length gown that is ultra feminine with a touch of whimsy. With her hair in a chignon, and patent heels on par, she's ready to twirl the evening away.


Formal is usually the unwritten dress code if nothing is stated and typical of 9/10 wedding invites. A step down from black tie extravagance, long or short dresses are appropriate. The key thing is to look presentable, A.K.A. no wrinkles or imperfections. To ensure you've got the party vibes still going strong, we suggest choosing something with a bit of flare than your average LBD. Steph is wearing a cute black knee length dress featuring a classic shirt collar design and scalloped hem. Her lightly waved hair styled down gives it a more understated feel along with her choice of patent wedges.


Most likely the least formal dress code, attending a destination wedding requires factoring in the predictable hot weather. Lightweight flowy blouses, skirts, and dresses are suitable to allow for comfort while still looking dressy. Sarah is wearing a coral ruched maxi skirt paired with a white beaded top. Her choice of accessories interpret the scenery of vacation; the beach, water, and sand coming together vibrantly with the warmth of sunshine. Her hair is kept effortlessly simple and a wide brim sun hat tops off the outfit perfectly.

Garden Party

A rare, but unique dress code that may be found under the category of themed weddings. Refrain from dressing too casual even if its just an afternoon affair. Instead, opt for patterns and colours in silhouettes that expresses your own personal style. Carmen gives off a chic and clean cut vibe with her choice of whites and soft pastels in her outfit. The subtle floral print in her skort presents spring and summer, but it is her statement sandals and top bun that rock the look.

We hope you enjoyed this post as much as we did creating it. Hopefully our outfits inspire you for any upcoming weddings you may attend. Most importantly, remember to dress comfortably for the event and maintain a style that is true to yourself while keeping the wedding theme in mind!

xo Meraki Connexion