Sunday, 30 August 2015

What's In My Bag

Hey there!
For the past few months I've been carrying around this backpack purse and wanted to share the things you might find in there along with a few tips on keeping your stuff organized. Cause lets face it, a girl's purse is a tell all to her life isn't it?

Bag: Abercrombie & Fitch

The Life Essentials:
wallet: Kate spade, phone, keys, glasses
Basically my life depends on these 4 things; Having a lanyard saves me from fishing around my bag for my keys every time I'm getting to my car

Cant Go the Day Without:
lip balm: Rocky Mountain Soap Co., phone charger, sunglasses: Kate spade, hand lotion: The Body Shop, hand sanitizer: Bath and Body Works, hair ties: Swirly Dos
There's nothing worse than leaving the house with a 5% battery, or having your hair all over your face, and who knows how many germs you've come into contact with during your daily routine

Very Important Products:
lipstick: Stila, mascara: Makeup Forever, moisturizer: Clinique, CC cream: Clinique, mini eyelash curler: Julep, gum: Project 7, makeup bag: BreakupsToMakeup Ipsy glambag
I'm one of those people who wants to be over prepared rather than going out in public wishing you had put something on your face to look less deadly ;)

Every Day is an Adventure:
day planner, pen
Ever make plans than find out you've double booked yourself? Carrying my planner is the only way I can some what keep my life organized and know what's going on. Plus this works great for when I wish I had written down the thoughts I had earlier in the day

To be honest I probably carry too much with me on a daily basis and my shoulders hate me for it, but hey at least I'm prepared! Do you have different essentials you carry in your purse everywhere? 

xo Steph

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