Thursday, 20 August 2015

YEG Scenic Spots

Sitting on a bench and absorbing the city view is one of my favourite things to do to help relieve stress. It's a bonus that this is a free activity at that. Through the course of this summer, I have been coming across great viewing spots in Edmonton. Given that there are just so many great places to take in the view, I wanted to cover some of the less popularly-populated locales (except for the first one). Despite having been born and raised here, these are places new to me. There's still quite a chunk of the city to explore!

Gallagher Park
Oddly enough, I have never been here even though it's a rather well-known park in the city (Folk Fest) - not for city-gazing, that is. I did come here once, last winter, to go tobogganing. The hill was basically ice, and I remember my brother slicing his hand on the perilous terrain. I was too busy either crawling up the hill or focusing my gaze towards the base of the hill, so I missed a chance to take in the view of our skyline. Goodness, did I miss out! What a spectacular view with the multicolour buildings, all the greenery, and the peek of the Muttart Conservatory and the Dove of Peace.

Laurence Decore Lookout
Located in Old Strathcona, this is another lovely place to observe the skyline as well as to catch a glimpse of the River Valley. At night, it becomes a twinkling display of eerily colourful lights.

Alexander Circle Park
Though it doesn't afford a city view, it's got a water fountain and huge draping trees encircling the park. The houses possess so much character and their lawns beautifully manicured. My best friends introduced me to this place where we enjoyed funny chatter over tea, sandwiches, and cute desserts.

Belgravia Dogs Off Leash Site
Those benches, on a hill, above Fox Drive have got me curious for years. Where is the path that leads to these benches? This year, I made it my mission to finally find out. From this point, some notable places are the Whitemud Equine Centre Learning Association and the Valley Zoo. The view behind isn't too bad either with the neighbourhood's distinctive homes. 

It is for certain that I have only scratched the surface of where to go for scenic views in Edmonton, so if you have places you recommend please share in the comments section. I'm always looking to add more viewing spots to my repertoire!

xo Ann

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