Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Tuesday Thoughts: Get to Know

1. What's your favourite thing about fall?
Layering and boots. There's just a level of sophistication with autumnal wear when you look like a cozy lump.

2. What's your favourite store?

3. Where do you get your style inspiration?
If we're talking icons, then I draw my inspiration from the classics such as Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, Ava Gardner, and Grace Kelly. Their manners were elegant and their styles tasteful. When building my wardrobe, I seek out items that are unusual in their shape or texture. I also love mixing multiple prints in a single outfit. All the same, I make an effort to wear my clothes for years and years. I'm still wearing garments I've had since high school, but then again, I have grown very little since.

4. What's your favourite quote?
I will admit though, I still greatly struggle with the discipline of forgiveness. It's one of those things you know you should but you don't. When I am able to forgive freely and generously, I know it will take away a huge part of that anger and bitterness I harbour in this petite frame. It's honestly the most difficult thing to do.

5. What do you appreciate most about Edmonton?
The growing cafe culture and how the Edmonton Public Library has made it so much easier to access resources. I love being able to put my requested items on hold online and then have them sent to my preferred location.

6. Where would you love to travel?
Spain. Am I allowed to say pretty much everywhere?

7. What's your favourite blog post so far?
The "Fall Layering" post. I chose this post not necessarily for its content but rather because of how quickly I was able to find joy with these ladies. That day the weather was gloomy, and my heart was in turmoil. Having spent time with them, I was able to focus on more productive activities and enjoy myself whilst in their company. 

8. What did you enjoy about the Human Ecology program?
I enjoyed dabbling into the various facets of this field as there was more to clothing and textiles than what I knew. Although, I do still prefer the design aspect. I also liked being able to identify fabrics and learning the correct names for specific garments. 

9. What's one goal you plan to accomplish before the end of 2015?
To master extreme contouring. Also, there's ample time to build a collection for next spring's fashion week.

UPDATE: Ann has now moved to Calgary for work. Consequently, she will be taking a hiatus, from her sewing ventures, as she delves into her new job, adjusts to a new city, and takes on the massive responsibilities of becoming an independent woman.

10. Fun fact.
My chompers would have never looked like this now had it not been for a combination of braces and jaw surgery. The procedure was intended to help me have fewer problems with eating, but it's nice for me to feel more comfortable with my smile. 

xo Ann

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