Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Tuesday Thoughts: Get to Know

1. What’s your favourite thing about fall?
I love that this season is the lead up to winter, where it's all about the boots, scarves and coats. Nothing beats drinking a cup of freshly brewed tea while wearing fuzzy socks and reading a book!

2. What’s your favourite store? 
There are so many how can I just choose one?! Currently Abercrombie & Fitch or Sephora

3. Where do you get your style inspiration? 
I'd like to think my style is inspired by people like Lauren Conrad, Zoella and the cast of Pretty Little Liars, but I'm not sure that gives off a very defined style. 

4. What’s your favourite quote? 
There are so many times while reading a book that I've found myself feeling moved by a phrase written by the author. I read The Twits by Roald Dahl numerous times as a child and will always remember this quote!

5. What do you appreciate most about Edmonton? 
This city has so much potential in development and our local businesses. This summer I found myself appreciating more of Edmonton's city attractions, events and great scenic sights.

6. What’s your favourite place to travel? 
My heart belongs to London. That is all I have to say.

7. What’s your favourite blog post so far? 
The Rimley Collab - I loved wearing Rachelle's jewelry!

8. What did you enjoy about the Human Ecology Program? 
Although I am the person you would expect to answer this question with "nothing, I hated everything", I have to confess I did learn a lot through the variety of courses in my degree. I am happy that I have a background that involves design, marketing, and textile science, which not a lot of others can claim. I also am so grateful to meet these lovely girls in Human Ecology!

9. What’s one goal you plan to accomplish before the end of 2015? 
To own a dog. Ha okay that's not realistic. How about to drink more water?

10. Fun Fact: 
Chocolate is one of my least favourite foods. I only have love for white chocolate, although many would argue that isn't even real chocolate. I just don't understand why people have such a craving for it; don't even get me started on chocolate cake - yuck.

xo Steph

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