Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tuesday Thoughts: Get to Know


1. What’s your favourite thing about fall?
I love that you can layer up and wear cozy (DIY knit) scarves and also wear cute boots! Also fall is when you can go on walks and breath in the cool, crisp air, while you hear the crunch of the fallen leaves under your feet.

2. What’s your favourite store? 
I honestly don't really have a favourite store. Usually, I shop online or when I travel overseas. But if I do have to select places in Edmonton I'd say Aritzia, Oak+Fort, and Forever 21.

3. Where do you get your style inspiration? 
Hmm... I don't really know to be honest haha. I wear pretty much anything I feel comfortable in! 

4. What’s your favourite quote? 
My favourite is from Proverbs in the Bible.
5. What do you appreciate most about Edmonton? 
I love how Edmonton is such a peaceful city, and how everyone is super chill and knows how to take things easy! =]

6. What’s your favourite place to travel?
I love Korea and Hong Kong in terms of shopping! OH, and CALIFORNIA!!! I didn't ever got a chance to get through the entire Disneyland yet!!! I also really enjoyed visiting Florida, Hawaii, and the Caribbean! The crystal clear waters totally made up for the unbearable heat. They also have outlet malls, which I like spending time at. I'll be visiting the U.K. soon, and also maybe Alaska within the next year, so I'm excited to see how they will be like!

7. What’s your favourite blog post so far?
I'm going to have to say the RIMLEY blog post as well. I enjoyed doing the makeup and directing some of the photography!

8. What did you enjoy about the Human Ecology Program?
I learned more about myself, and also how to manage with a variety of different personalities we will have to encounter in the real world. 

9. What’s one goal you plan to accomplish before the end of 2015?
To finish my first semester of my studies in the Dental field, and to hopefully grow and have more creative content up on my Youtube account. If you haven't already, come visit me at my personal channel and Facebook page!

10. Fun Fact:
I love creating, and I love working with my hands. Hence, my dream full time career is to be in the cosmetics field! I also have a thing for sweets - especially anything with white chocolate.

xo Carmen

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