Friday, 26 February 2016

Pattern Frenzy

It has been too long since our last group photo shoot! Although the time frame was short and the day gusty, we tackled it like the champs we are. A couple hours was most definitely not enough time to take the shots, catch up on each others' lives, and lament about the disappointing menu change at one of our once favourite haunts. In this post, we are putting the focus on prints and sharing our interpretation on how to mix and match them.

Cabin Fever

What could be more Canadian than checks and plaid? Maple syrup and poutine maybe. But Stephanie keeps the look fresh with the checks on her coat rather than on her button-up shirt. Because they're similar in geometry, the prints aren't duelling each other for attention. And would you get a look at that adorable elephant necklace?!

Winter Blues

There's nothing sad about these winter blues! With a variety of different prints and textures going on - shimmery stripes, florals, and herringbone - Sarah opts for a monochromatic colour palette. A delicate pendant necklace and turquoise ring are the perfect finishing touches for a breezy stroll in balmy weather. 

The Midas Touch 

It was the weekend of the Lunar New Year, so Ann got decked out in traditional red and gold. A flaming red shirt, in an obscure print, is enough to stand on its own, but one must cover the lower extremities when out in public. As such, solid colours went towards the jacket, skirt, and bag to let the textures do the talking. 

There really shouldn't be any "rules" governing which prints go with what. Guidelines, perhaps. What matters most is if it brings you joy!

xo Meraki Connexion

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Tuesday Thoughts: 5 Picks for Winter Survival

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

These are my five tips for staying warm, cozy, and stylish:

1// Davids Tea: Cardamom French Toast

Add a dollop of soy almond-flavoured milk, and this tea makes me toasty!

2// Bath and Body Works: Shea Infused Socks

These lotion infused socks keep my toes warm and soft when I'm snuggling in bed.

3// Giant Scarves

Knits, infinities, or blankets. Chances are I have one wrapped around me. 

4// The Face Shop: Mango Seed Silk Moisturising Toner

More than just a dry skin saver! I have been using this replenishing agent day and night, all year round.

5//  Books

Cold nights means staying in more and starting some great reads. 
Currently on the list: Start With Why  Lightning In A Bottle

xo Sarah

Friday, 19 February 2016

Dear 16-Year-Old Me

Image from The Mindful Word

We've reached that age where a quarter-life crisis seems to be knocking on our doors. It's as though we're crossing this precarious, decrepit bridge over into professional adulthood - namely the struggles of finding meaningful and rewarding work while keeping our mental health in check through the excavation process. That and coping with the struggles of singlehood (or a first dating experience for one other) while our social circles are becoming increasingly saturated with invitations to weddings and baby showers. "What am I doing with my life?" is a question all-too-familiar and all-too-annoying. Maybe there are things that, if we had known in our teen years, would yield a different outlook on life.

So what would we tell our 16 y/o self?

1. High school is not the worst thing in life. You will survive.

2. Grad is an important milestone, but don't get caught up in making it perfect because that's perfectly unecessary.

3. Although your friends can be dramatic at times they're important to you maintaining a social life.

4. Start saving up for a trip ASAP.

5. Have zero expectations of boys. Things never go as you hope.

6. Singlehood is not a disease!

7. Drink more water, and take better care of your skin.

8. Be confident in your abilities to prevail through the trials of everyday survival living.

9. Don't lose hope on the goals you want to reach. Dream big and work through the small steps to build towards the bigger ones.

10. Making mistakes are inevitable. What matters is how much you are willing to own up to them.

xo Meraki Connexion

P.S. The image source has a pretty bomb letter of love too.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Tuesday Thoughts: 5 Picks for Winter Survival

Photos: 12345

These are my five picks for staying warm, stylish, and happy:

1// Ugg Leather Ankle Boots

Not your average Ugg boots; Wear these throughout daily adventures whether you're wearing jeans, shorts, or dresses! 

2// Origins Drink Up Intensive 

An intensively hydrating overnight mask to relive dry skin. Plus this smells like heavenly apricots!

3// David's Tea Black Honey

Straight black tea with a slight sweet honey after taste. Perfect for those chilly days.

4// Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

 The only lip product helping my extremely dry chapped, peeling, itching (oh so attractive) lips. 

5// Abercrombie Fur Robe

A lovely friend gifted me this luxurious robe for Christmas. I cannot take it off!

xo Steph

Friday, 12 February 2016

YEG Ice Castle

When you live in a place like Edmonton the best way to survive the 6 months of winter is to embrace it. And how exactly do you enjoy life with cold frosty white fluff? Explore an ice castle of course. For the first time in Edmonton's Hawrelak Park the Ice Castle attraction has been built!

The ice castle brings fun to our city where you can admire the great ice work, wander through caved paths, and take a ride down an ice slide. I was amazed at how detailed the ice work was and curious to know how exactly do the icicles to hang down from what looks like basically nothing. Also, fun fact: these ice castles weigh around 25 000 000 pounds!!

Cat Hat - Neff, Coat - Calvin Klein, Jeans - Abercrombie, Purse - Kate Spade, Gloves - Danier, Boots - Ugg Australia

Be sure to visit the ice castle if you haven't already. It will be open until the end of February!

xo Steph

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Tuesday Thoughts: 5 Picks for Winter Survival

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

These are my five picks for staying warm, stylish, and satiated:

1// Mackage Jacket

I didn't know what being in warm in winter felt like until I caved and invested in a down jacket, and Mackage coats provide that intense warmth while maintaining a svelte silhouette. -25? No problem.

2// Laundromat Mittens

You can feel good about products from Laundromat with their fair business practices and eco-friendly processes.

3// Spicy Hot Chocolate

Just add a touch of cayenne pepper, a dash of cinnamon, and some cardamom for an elevated toasty beverage.

4// Fuzzy Sweaters

It's easy to play up a casual outfit, in a fuzzy sweater, with its textural allure.

5// Artica Boots

Waterproofed and lined with wool, they're winter boots without looking like winter boots!

xo Ann

Friday, 5 February 2016

Chinese New Year

Though the new year is already in full swing, we welcome the coming of Chinese New Year this Sunday, marking the beginning of a new calendar year base on the rotations of the moon. As such, Chinese New Year is on a different date each year as compared to the Gregorian calendar and tends to fall between mid January to the end of February. Seeing that all of us Meraki ladies are of Asian ethnicities, we thought it would be insightful to share about Chinese New Year and explain some of the popular traditions seen during this year.

There are many traditions that takes place during Chinese New Year and if you haven't already spotted some of the activities highlighted in our Meraki Monthly, it's quite a sight to see this festival be embraced by the greater community given the various events being hosted around the city.

Chinese New Year also corresponds with  the year of a certain animal. Traditionally, the animal was used to name each of the twelve years and carried with it distinct personality traits for the person born of that animal's year.

The Twelve Animals Of The Zodiac

During Chinese New Year, you will also see plenty of red and gold decorations, clothing, and gifts as they are popular in symbolizing wealth and prosperity. Distinct red envelopes are filled with money and given by those who are married to those unmarried in the family to wish them good luck whether in their education, work, or relationships. Nowadays, these envelopes can be filled with candy, chocolate and other small items to be handed out to spread this cultural spirit.

Traditional Red Envelopes 

The Chinese culture also loves to consume food that are homophones and/ or are symbolic of prosperity. For example, a seaweed like veggie dish is eaten because its name sounds like the word "wealth," the length of noodles represents longevity upon consumption, and dried fruit candy and seed trays literally translate to "togetherness tray" for its purpose of bringing families together in one place to celebrate.

Togetherness Tray

With Chinese roots, one of my favourite part of Chinese New Year is being able to have extended family all in one household as we eat, share, and celebrate. Since I am not married, I also love the abundance of red envelopes I am eligible for. In Asia, these family celebrations can last up to a month long and is sometimes the only and longest holiday given to employees! We hope you'll join in the festivities to celebrate the new year and the arrival of spring!

And last but not least,

"Gong Hay Fat Choy!"

 Images from top to bottom: 1, 2, 3

xo Sarah

Monday, 1 February 2016

Meraki Monthly: February

Although it is a short month, there is no shortage of activities and special occasions to celebrate. Soon enough, we will be welcoming in spring! Here's our line-up of posts to look forward to this month:

Tuesday Thoughts: 5 Things to Survive the Winter
Chinese New Year: Sharing traditions of the festival
YEG Ice Castle: Exploring Edmonton's latest winter attraction 
1-Item-4-Ways: Exploring versatility in pairing our clothes
Dear 16y.o. Me: What we wish we knew before hitting a quarter-life-crisis

YEG Events

YYC Events

Free First Thursdays @ the Glenbow Museum
February 1-28: YYC Hot Chocolate Fest
February 1 - May 31: Body Worlds Vital
February 10-14: Winterpalooza
February 13 - March 1: Canmore Winter Carnival
February 25: $100 Film Festival

xo Meraki Connexion