Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Tuesday Thoughts: 5 Picks for Winter Survival

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These are my five tips for staying warm, cozy, and stylish:

1// Davids Tea: Cardamom French Toast

Add a dollop of soy almond-flavoured milk, and this tea makes me toasty!

2// Bath and Body Works: Shea Infused Socks

These lotion infused socks keep my toes warm and soft when I'm snuggling in bed.

3// Giant Scarves

Knits, infinities, or blankets. Chances are I have one wrapped around me. 

4// The Face Shop: Mango Seed Silk Moisturising Toner

More than just a dry skin saver! I have been using this replenishing agent day and night, all year round.

5//  Books

Cold nights means staying in more and starting some great reads. 
Currently on the list: Start With Why  Lightning In A Bottle

xo Sarah

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