Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Tuesday Thoughts: 5 Picks for Winter Survival

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These are my five picks for staying warm, stylish, and satiated:

1// Mackage Jacket

I didn't know what being in warm in winter felt like until I caved and invested in a down jacket, and Mackage coats provide that intense warmth while maintaining a svelte silhouette. -25? No problem.

2// Laundromat Mittens

You can feel good about products from Laundromat with their fair business practices and eco-friendly processes.

3// Spicy Hot Chocolate

Just add a touch of cayenne pepper, a dash of cinnamon, and some cardamom for an elevated toasty beverage.

4// Fuzzy Sweaters

It's easy to play up a casual outfit, in a fuzzy sweater, with its textural allure.

5// Artica Boots

Waterproofed and lined with wool, they're winter boots without looking like winter boots!

xo Ann

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