Friday, 12 February 2016

YEG Ice Castle

When you live in a place like Edmonton the best way to survive the 6 months of winter is to embrace it. And how exactly do you enjoy life with cold frosty white fluff? Explore an ice castle of course. For the first time in Edmonton's Hawrelak Park the Ice Castle attraction has been built!

The ice castle brings fun to our city where you can admire the great ice work, wander through caved paths, and take a ride down an ice slide. I was amazed at how detailed the ice work was and curious to know how exactly do the icicles to hang down from what looks like basically nothing. Also, fun fact: these ice castles weigh around 25 000 000 pounds!!

Cat Hat - Neff, Coat - Calvin Klein, Jeans - Abercrombie, Purse - Kate Spade, Gloves - Danier, Boots - Ugg Australia

Be sure to visit the ice castle if you haven't already. It will be open until the end of February!

xo Steph

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