Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Tuesday Thoughts: Outfit Inspiration

I do enjoy the challenge of styling pieces that apparently short folks should steer clear from. Take wide-leg pants, for instance. They're so comfortable but can be a tricky garment to work with when you're 5'1". Yet it is achievable and can be a very chic look when you pair them with heels and when you tuck in your top.

(This reminds me of a time in grade 5 when my mom made me a pair of floral wide-leg pants. I got made fun of for them, and the jerks who teased me called them "elephant pants". Well, the elephant pants are here and they are hot!)

Image// TIME

The Inspiration

Natalie Dormer at the Rolling Stones Exhibitionism Gala
She makes menswear look absolutely chic and sensual. Despite the wide-leg trousers and boxy blazer, the monotonous colour palette help to elongate the body. Of course, choosing black pieces creates a visually slenderizing effect. 

Image// Instyle

The Interpretation

This is an outfit you can take from day to night. Choosing softly draping trousers adds fluidity to create that elegant look. I'm opting for a more fitted blazer instead so as not to appear as though I'm wearing clothes that are too big for me. Because the pants are loose, tuck in your top to elongate your legs. This white t-shirt tones it down a notch, but it still speaks business. And when you're this petite heels are a non-negotiable.

xo Ann

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