Friday, 27 May 2016

Pantone Spring Fashion Colours

This year's spring colours are chosen to be transporting and transformative and designed to be unisex, transcending gender and cultural norms. It's a balance of peppy brights and subdued tones to evoke a sense of excitement while also being calming. Leatrice Eisman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, coins this season's palette as such:

"Colours this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves."

The objective is to create an outfit using two or more colours from the Pantone colour choices, describing the kind of woman behind her clothes. So let's see what the lovely Meraki ladies have come up with!

Rose Quartz + Fiesta

Channeling my inner boho festival girl - Light pieces are essential for spending time in the sun. As someone who's wardrobe is mainly monochromatic, rose quartz pieces are perfect to incorporate colour for spring without going too far out of my comfort zone. Instead I chose to feature my jelly sandals to bring an electric pop of fun to the look. Paired with a side braid (inspired by Emma Roberts at Coachella), fringed shorts, and a crochet kimono, I'm set to sing my heart out to every song by The Lumineers.

Iced Coffee + Green Flash

I'm going for modern, business chic while maintaining a hint of whimsy. A crisp, white shirt is a classic staple for a perpetually fresh look that will always be elegant yet sensual. The taupe coat is my new favourite topper with its draped front and roll tabs. Match that with wedges, and of course better put on a pair of pants. This outfit makes me feel pretty confident but still in line with my quirky nature thanks to the watercolour kiwi slices. 

xo Meraki Connexion

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Tuesday Thoughts: Haunts

Although I don't go out quite often, of the few local places I've visited Edmonton has a good variety of shops and places to eat that maybe you wouldn't expect to be pleasantly happy to enter!

Leva Cafe

This cafe is great for a simple bite to eat, a warm drink, and a delicious sweet treat. I'm sure everyone else is here for their caffeine kick, but for me their London Fog is where it's at. You can't go wrong with the margherita pizza and the selection of gelato is perfect to enjoy on the patio during a hot summer day!

Workshop Eatery

I was first introduced to the Workshop Eatery at a staff holiday party. This place exudes cool with the open kitchen layout and delicious locally sourced food. There aren't many restaurants like this that are located on the southside of the city. It's definitely worth checking out!

Inline image 1
Edmonton Journal

Rocky Mountain Soap Company

This isn't exactly a local boutique, but since the company is Alberta based I feel it still qualifies. Originating from Canmore, this store is committed to be toxin free and offers a variety of natural skin care products. As someone who is quite sensitive to many skin care products, it's quite important to have a natural option. Even better is their promise to be environmentally-friendly!

Vancity Buzz

xo Steph

Friday, 20 May 2016

Onward to the Opera

As one friend would say, "You can't have a lifestyle blog if one does not live that lifestyle others covet." So I attended my very first opera taking in The Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. That's definitely something others covet, right? Perhaps not for many, but I do think it's something one should experience at least once.

The invitation was extended to me rather out-of-the-blue, and I know one has to dress up for such an occasion. I left my fancier dresses back home assuming I probably would never have a use for them here. However, people tell me my concept of "casual" is definitely not that, but wearing a t-shirt and jeans make me uncomfortable! So piecing together a fancy outfit from my existing wardrobe, thankfully, did not involve a shopping excursion. This black striped lace dress, from Modcloth, is my favourite LBD. The nude lining surprisingly closely matches my skin tone - so much so, that my sister always has to do a double-take to make sure I'm wearing something underneath the lace shell. Top it off with a purple silk dupioni coat I made from the 02/2008 Burda issue, a pair of emerald drop earrings, black pumps, and a turquoise Kate Spade cross-body, and I feel like a jewel.

We got our tickets via the Allegro Group, which offered a discounted rate for people under 35 years-old. It was an incentive to encourage the younger crowd to dabble into opera. I did harbour initial reservations - mostly worrying about falling asleep or not being able to understand was was going on. Thank goodness there were subtitles!

It's not like you would pass out within the the first half hour, but I admit it was quite lengthy. There were times I would force myself to stay alert, but I didn't feel too bad because the man next to me was already nodding off.

I was always under the impression that operas were meant to be very serious/ sad. Some are, but this one was quite funny. I didn't know Mozart had a sense of humour that people can still relate to this day. I was also floored by the breadth of the human voice and hungrily lapped up the set design and costumes. Would I go to another opera in the future? Sure I would - so long as there are subtitles and it has some comedy to it! I'm not ready to handle the more intense ones just yet.

xo Ann

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Tuesday Thoughts: Haunts

This month's Tuesday Thoughts are so fitting for me because I absolutely love exploring new places and revisiting favourites on repeat. It must be the adventurous soul in me, so read on to find out my recommendations for a twist on java, a hearty protein nostalgia, and some bossy accessories.

Cafe Tiramisu

This locally owned cafe and restaurant is on one of my favourite streets, 124th street. Not only is their signature tiramisu love at first sight (plated or spooned into a cup), they are probably the first to concoct a heavenly tiramisu latte! I love the blend of sweetness and bitter tones in one cup - just the right amount to get this sweet tooth drinking coffee. Cafe Tiramisu is also fabulous for brunch, a gelato stop, or for a full-on Italian meal!

Seoul Fried Chicken

Since their early beginnings, I've been a fan. Not only are the fusion flavours of Seoul Fried Chicken mouth-watering, they also teleport me back to Korea where I fell in love with their battered fried chicken with a side of beer (still not a beer connoisseur though). With seven amazing flavours, creative salads (I love the Kale Ceasar), and a great lunch box deal, you'll be coming here in no time. Did I mention they have a stamp card? Now that's another reason to get hooked!

Miss Boss

What can I say? Not only am I in amour with 124 Street, I love supporting local businesses as well. Miss Boss has been a hidden gem for me when I need to find a new statement piece for an everyday or special occasion. With a curated and unique selection of arm candy, accessories, and even clothing brands. They are a cozy boutique, but you'll be surprise at the finds here.

Have you been to any of these places? Let me know your thoughts and experiences!

xo Sarah 

Friday, 13 May 2016

Incorporating T-shirts

T-SHIRTS - Just because everyone owns one doesn't mean you can't stand out in one.


T-shirts are my go-to. My wardrobe is the perfect example of an on going collection of black, white and grey tees. They are essential in the way that they can be worn casually with jeans, leggings, and shorts. I'm all for styles that are less fitted to allow for tucking into jeans or knotting at the front to accentuate the waist. I also love rolling the hem of my sleeves for a more casual look. The possibilities are endless for graphic t-shirts to bring personality to a simple outfit! 


Spring time means I can take out my vibrant clothes and floral blazers. It's rare to catch me in a t-shirt, but I think you can make it appropriate for the office when it's a solid colour, melange, or with a repeating pattern. I would probably avoid ones with text though. The blazer you can make from the Burda 02/2014 issue. Can you believe this printed fabric was on clearance?! But I digress.


It may feel foreign to dress up a t-shirt, but it's definitely a great way to add to its sartorial resume. I find that a black tee is easy to dress up since black inherently gives off a sophisticated look and an attractive allure during evening occasions. Paired with this flared mint skirt and elevated with some heels, this t-shirt is ready to take you from a brunch date to a ladies' night out. Don't forget to accessorize of course!

xo Meraki Connexion

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Tuesday Thoughts: Haunts

This Tuesday Thoughts highlights the local gems where we like to unwind. We're picking our favourite cafe, restaurant, and shop for retail therapy. It's slightly torturous making me choose one place per category, but if I am to choose my current favourites, these would be it.

Monogram Coffee 

I do not come here for the coffee for the simple reason that I cannot do coffee. However, I am blown away by their London Fog. It's so fragrant and rich with just the right amount of sweetness. I've even gone on London Fog hunts at other coffee shops, but this place makes by far my favourite. That's no surprise since they've earned international accolades. 

Image: Calgary Herald


It's usually for someone's birthday when we go out for all-you-can-eat sushi. Oishii offers a regular menu as well as deluxe pricing, but even then it's only a little over $30 per person. The sashimi is fresh, and the rolls are scrumptious along with a variety of other dishes to try. The quality is quite good for the value. 

Image: Yelp

Danielle's Consignment 

I find the quality and interest in consignment stores more refined and more appreciated in Calgary. Danielle's Consignment is situated on the popular 17th Avenue, and the selection here is quite spectacular. They cater to a vast price range, from the more affordable pieces to swanky designer duds. For a relatively small space, there's a lot to rifle through. I spotted a pair of fierce Burberry boots here. No, I did not buy them. 

Image: 17th Ave

For sure, there are so many places I've yet to explore. Thank goodness I have more time (with the permanent position), in Cowtown, to keep checking off my list!

xo Ann

Friday, 6 May 2016

Freddy Pants: The Push-Up Bra for your Butt

The story behind this is that I would always walk past the store, too intimidated to try them on until a friend encouraged me to just go for it. These pants provide the control where you need it and the enhancement where you need it. Given the very few assets I have, I might as well highlight my best ones.

Pleather pants have yet to be added to my wardrobe, so they might as well be ones that feel like consensually-permitted hands holding up my rear. And that's just what Freddy pants do!

With their WR.UP® technology, you can get the lift sans surgery. They achieve this effect with a silicon strip along the waistband, a similar membrane seamlessly fused onto the hip and thigh area, push-up panels, and unique style lines that are curved to enhance the shaping. And they're available in a range of rises, fabrics, and colours.

Give these a try yourself! The staff already know people get a little freaked out by these pants anyways.

A special shout to my little tiger, Kimmie, for taking the photos! It's a nice break not having to take my own shots.

xo Ann

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Meraki Monthly: May

As the saying goes, April showers brings May flowers, so we are thrilled to spring into this new month! Bright colours, sunny days galore, and plenty of days spent outdoors (check out the farmer markets making their spring return below!) are calling out at us. Thankfully April wasn't a downpour so here's what you can expect from us this month!

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