Friday, 20 May 2016

Onward to the Opera

As one friend would say, "You can't have a lifestyle blog if one does not live that lifestyle others covet." So I attended my very first opera taking in The Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. That's definitely something others covet, right? Perhaps not for many, but I do think it's something one should experience at least once.

The invitation was extended to me rather out-of-the-blue, and I know one has to dress up for such an occasion. I left my fancier dresses back home assuming I probably would never have a use for them here. However, people tell me my concept of "casual" is definitely not that, but wearing a t-shirt and jeans make me uncomfortable! So piecing together a fancy outfit from my existing wardrobe, thankfully, did not involve a shopping excursion. This black striped lace dress, from Modcloth, is my favourite LBD. The nude lining surprisingly closely matches my skin tone - so much so, that my sister always has to do a double-take to make sure I'm wearing something underneath the lace shell. Top it off with a purple silk dupioni coat I made from the 02/2008 Burda issue, a pair of emerald drop earrings, black pumps, and a turquoise Kate Spade cross-body, and I feel like a jewel.

We got our tickets via the Allegro Group, which offered a discounted rate for people under 35 years-old. It was an incentive to encourage the younger crowd to dabble into opera. I did harbour initial reservations - mostly worrying about falling asleep or not being able to understand was was going on. Thank goodness there were subtitles!

It's not like you would pass out within the the first half hour, but I admit it was quite lengthy. There were times I would force myself to stay alert, but I didn't feel too bad because the man next to me was already nodding off.

I was always under the impression that operas were meant to be very serious/ sad. Some are, but this one was quite funny. I didn't know Mozart had a sense of humour that people can still relate to this day. I was also floored by the breadth of the human voice and hungrily lapped up the set design and costumes. Would I go to another opera in the future? Sure I would - so long as there are subtitles and it has some comedy to it! I'm not ready to handle the more intense ones just yet.

xo Ann

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