Friday, 24 June 2016


Rhetorical Question of the Day: What's a better way to catch up on a rainy day than with a bowl of noodle soup?

Meet Noduru Ramen Bar, one of the newest restaurants to hit the ramen scene in Edmonton. Located right on Whyte Ave, they are easily accessible for a slurp of scrumptious cravings. Their interior reminds me of a Japanese tapas bar. Displaying a hand painted wall of a samurai strutting Nike kicks gives off a contemporary vibe while still integrating the traditional Japanese decor.

Nudoru has a small, but authentic menu of handcrafted items from their buns to their signature noodles. Even though they have created some unique combinations ($14-$16) for you to choose from, we opted to make our own bowls for only $13. Despite the simpler menu, don't be deceived as these bowls are huge and super filling, especially if you finish all the broth.

Sarah's bowl: pork belly, black fungus, fried shallots, and soft boiled egg in a spicy miso broth
Steph's bowl: pork shoulder, sweet corn, bamboo shoots, and nori in a shoyu broth


- If you're craving a bit of a kick try the the spicy miso broth  
- If you're into something more savory go for the shoyu broth
- Sarah can't imagine ramen without a soft boiled egg, and recommends the fried shallots for a lovely crunch to add texture
- Steph recommends the sweet corn and bamboo to sweetly compliment the salty soup
- The meat portions are surprisingly larger than what we've seen at other places
- We recommend ramen lovers and well all foodies to give Nudoru a try!

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