Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Tuesday Thoughts: Blogiversary Rewind

It baffles me that we have already surpassed a year with the blog! And it makes my heart happy that people are curious and supportive of our ventures. Although progress may be sluggish, I appreciate that we have tried to maintain the frequency of our posts despite the changes that have happened in each of our personal lives. Now for a little throwback to my favourite and my most challenging post thus far.

Favourite Post - Modern Chainmail

I would say this was also my most challenging post, but I really enjoyed how it turned out. Obstacles would include learning how to photograph myself - not to mention the many shots I had to take to achieve the correct poses. The days were short, so I spent a couple weeks just trying to capitalize on whatever amount of sunshine there was available. Yet I really enjoyed working on this post because it challenged me to experiment with different looks and styles that I may not often wear. I think this post also really solidified how much I love doing style posts, and it helped me rebuild my confidence.

Most Challenging Post - Miss Independent

The hurdle was creating content that was genuine and relatable without it sounding miserable or too serious. Of course, humour and sarcasm had to be interjected. This was something that was important to me, and I thought it would help to connect with others who may also feel like they're "falling behind" in a time where they feel like the world is getting married/ having children/ buying a house. But I think, as with myself, we need to remind ourselves that our lives move in the pace they were meant to move, that we are where we're meant to be, and that life was not designed to be a race. This is something that is still a struggle day after day, but it's okay not to be okay sometimes.

xo Ann

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