Friday, 26 June 2015

Flavour & Fun In Every Step

For as long as I can remember, I love markets. Indoor markets, outdoor markets, night markets, farmer's market, you name it and I will be there. There's such a sense of community when small businesses and local makers from the city come together to not only sell their creations, but share their passion and love for what they do.
Last week I got to go the 124 Street Grand Market for the very first time while catching up with a friend. It happens between May and October and is only from 4-8pm every Thursday. Though the market is quite small compared to its weekend counterparts around town, I thoroughly enjoyed the intimate atmosphere filled with food trucks, performances, and live musicians in the heart of this neighbourhood. Usually I browse more than I buy, but as it was dinner time, my taste buds were left delectably satisfied.

I was most excited for Moonshine Doughnuts as there's been so much #yeg buzz around them. Unconventionally dense, yet moist doughnuts with a unique glaze, each box is $10 and comes with one each of their exclusive weekly flavours. Featured this past week was (clockwise from top left): Beer Chocolate with Pretzels and Irish Cream, Cherry Lemonade, Almond Earl Grey, and Hibiscus Birthday Cake. As a tea lover, the Almond Earl Grey was definitely a stand out and you can bet these doughnuts didn't last that long. Besides, they're made fresh, so they should be eaten as quickly as possibly right?!
So if you caught on, yes I did have dessert first, but how can I not when everything tends to sell out the later it gets? This was the case with the food trucks. Initially I wanted a savoury quiche, but ended up with a classic chicken pot pie from Meat St Pies. A decent size for a bite on the go, but surprisingly, the phyllo pastry was soft (I thought it would be dry from sitting in the truck's display case) and the filling was warm with creamy chicken pieces- though I would try something else next time for $6. 
Next up my friend and I shared this burrito filled with sesame ginger grilled pork, Korean chili fried rice, black beans, melted cheddar, and an in house relish from Orbit. It didn't sound that intriguing at first, but upon seeing someone eat it, we were sold. For $9, this burrito was a great portion to share and as far as food truck standards go, it was well presented and loaded with quality ingredients. The chili gave it a good kick and the fusion of ingredients was amazing! Definitely would have this again.
And the winner of the night for me was this slow roasted lamb with little lemon potatoes and tzatziki sauce from Little Village. The potatoes were quite greasy from the oil (and possibly drippings from the lamb I hope), but as a lamb lover, this dish was worth every penny. It tasted like it could've been served up at a restaurant, and for $9.5 it was a steal. The meat was juicy and flavourful and paired with the tzatziki made for a great tangy combination along with the side of potatoes. I'm craving this as I write! Yikes!
All in all, it was a pleasurable evening over cheery atmosphere, random entertainment (this couple was doing quick Shakespeare renditions), and yummy in my tummy food. A great event for a hangout with friends, quality family time, a date night, and even just a solo stroll to soak it all up. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and getting to know the local foodie in me as well. What are your favourite part of farmer markets? 

Happy weekend ahead!

xo Sarah

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