Friday, 17 July 2015

D.I.Y Chanel Inspired Nail Art

Hey beautifuls!

Here is a DIY nail art inspired by the classiness and sophistication of Chanel. This nail art is simple, and super easy to do! All that is required is of course, patience for the polish to dry. First, make sure you coat your nails with a base coat to protect your nails from getting stained. Then, go over with a clear top coat to make your nails glossy. After the top coat dries, go over your nail tips with a nail color of your choice. To achieve the straight lines, you can use tape as a guide. I chose to go with black tips to represent Chanel's iconic "little black dress." For the rhinestones, you can actually go in and arrange them as desired. I usually like to emphasize the ring finger more, so I chose to put on a rhinestone with the Chanel symbol. My fingers are tiny, so the rhinestone appeared to be a tad oversized on me. For those of you with a larger nail base, consider yourself lucky!

That's it for now! For those of you who wonder, I purchased most of my rhinestones from eBay and my polishes are bought from The Face Shop. 

TIP: You don't actually need nail glue for the rhinestones to stick on! Simply just put on a layer of top coat and before it dries, put the rhinestones on and wait! Once the polish dries completely, your rhinestones will stick onto your nails! Also, if your want maximum shine to your rhinestones, do not go over them with a top coat or clear polish. 

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