Friday, 23 October 2015

Boots to Fall For


The mode of footwear that bears the most versatility and character. Generally, we create an outfit and then select the appropriate shoes to go with it. In this style post, we are switching it up by creating a look based on what we feel reflects the "personality" of our boots. 


Knee-high black boots are a staple to any wardrobe for their versatility. They make being chic in the fall/ winter an easy feat. Sarah keeps it classic with a woven coat draped over with a plaid blanket scarf. A pop of bright blue adds a touch of vibrance to an otherwise classic autumnal palette. Needless to say, we know that the true showstopper here are Sarah's plush lips!


Steph's strappy ankle boots are dying for a rebellious look. She does so by building her outfit in a jacket rampant with leather and hardware details. A pair of shorts worn over black tights, a slouchy beanie, and flaming lips finishes off this evocation of allure and aloofness. And of course, what could be edgier than a smiling skull?


A pair of patent leather, tasseled Chelsea boots afford a sense of whimsy. Ann plays that up with a menswear-inspired getup complete with a shirt, blazer, trousers, and a felted bowler hat (naturally). A shiny trench coat highlights the sheen from the boots and breaks up the matte look. Playful it may seem, but the lady means business.

xo Meraki Connexion

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