Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Tuesday Thoughts: Get To Know

1. What's your favourite thing about fall?
Hands down it's the changing of leaves because of how special and short of a time frame they last. In a blink of an eye, we are welcomed by the transformation of trees into an array of fall colours, and in another blink, they disappear without a goodbye. 

2. What's your favourite store?

3. Where do you get your style inspiration?
I love reading fashion blogs and being inspired by what I see on other people. There's a genuine authenticity to seeing real people make use of what they have as I see their unique expression of personality and individuality in what they wear. I am also inspired by juxtaposition with the mixing of high vs. low price points, feminine vs. masculine styles, rustic vs. edgy pieces, and how contrast can bring out the best of both worlds. 

4. What's your favourite quote?
So many! I adore quotes.. this is hard... but if I had to pick one and only one, this would be it:
This quote is thought provoking and challenging because I never want to hide beneath the risks it takes to not do something. I want to continually grow and strive for my passions and goals and this quote captures that beautifully. To never stop dreaming big and to never give up when times do get tough, because they will, but it's what you do despite the difficulties that showcases what you can achieve. 

5. What do you appreciate most about Edmonton?
The supportive community has truly been astounding to me. The way new businesses are able to thrive via startup pitches and crowd funding, the way local foodies venture to every new pop up or food truck location, the way we just share ideas, talk about ideas, and make ideas happen is such an inspiration to this city and what Edmonton is growing upon. 

6. Where would you love to travel?
Uyuni, Bolivia to see the salt flats! 

7. What's your favourite blog post so far?
Our first feature together, Wedding Guest Looks. Not only was it our first photoshoot together for the blog, but the planner in me adore weddings and dressing up to celebrate a couple's special day. The location of the shoot was a beautiful gem we stumbled upon in the University area and though it was a quick shoot, we had tons of fun and it spiraled a quick desire to collaborate more often.  

8. What did you enjoy about the Human Ecology program?
I really liked the community and ethics aspect of it. As a smaller program, I connected with and befriended many classmates, such as these lovely ladies I get to blog with on this platform. The values system of Human Ecology also hit home as they were closely relatable to those of my own. 

9. What's one goal you plan to accomplish before the end of 2015?
I hope to cut down on eating out, be wise in my choices when I do eat out, and make an effort to cook more and explore the possibilities of what I can create in the comfort of a kitchen. As the temperatures dip, this shouldn't be too hard, but we shall see!

10. Fun fact.
I can count to ten in ten languages, and I say this with a grateful, loving, and cultured heart.

xo Sarah

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