Friday, 2 October 2015

Western Canada Fashion Week: Collection Favourites

It was a celebration of the local designers and the incredible talent found right here in our city. This year we played audience (with the exception of Carmen, our bustling makeup artist) to simply enjoy watching the show. September 23rd was when we attended, and below are selections of our most-adored ensembles from each collection.

Evocative of the 90's minimalist aesthetic; an elevated reinvention of casual wear

Ann's Pick
I have chosen this for its textural difference observed in the top and cropped soft pants. The satin sheen, in conjunction with the matte bottoms, adds to the elegance portrayed throughout this collection. Also, may we please take a moment to gush over the metallic "brown bag" bags?!

Sarah's Pick
This two-piece just screams ultra comfort and makes me want to lounge in them at home. Dare I say for running errands as well?! "C" for chic and "C" for cozy!

Stephanie's Pick
I love this look as it's a fresh take on the matching crop top and skirt combo. The wrap front on the skirt and hi-low cut of the top give the outfit an edgy vibe while still being classic and minimalist. The best part of Alyssa's collection is knowing that these trendy pieces are environmentally conscious and ethically produced.

Carmen's Makeup
This season, I had the great privilege of being part of the makeup team for New Classics Studios. Working along the premise of the company's aim for sustainability and minimalism, the makeup had to reflect those values. It was kept very nude and simple with a focus on clear, dewy skin. A gleam of gold heightens this radiated look.

Fierce and feminine street style; unbridled details

Ann's Pick
The long tunic with the high slit and pants is reminiscent of the Vietnamese ao dai. The look is slenderized by the tie belt accentuating the waistline as well as the fitted pants. When in motion the chiffon tunic bounces and flows with the wearer, creating an ethereal aesthetic. I also desperately want the model's gold shoes.

Sarah's Pick
I love this feminine versus edgy juxtaposition with the floral top and the strategically placed sheer panels and "skin" space (negative space). The garment was well-tailored to suit the model, and the proportions were just right.

Stephanie's Pick
There are so many pieces in this collection that I love and can see myself wanting to purchase. It made choosing my favourite piece rather challenging! However, these denim cropped pants stole the show for me. I'm all about the high-waist and loose, flowing style.

A celebration of Aboriginal motifs; high-contrast design lines and unique draping

Ann's Pick
There are just so many interesting features on this dress - the asymmetrical neckline, the colour-blocking, and the draped side to name the most notable ones. Sometimes incorporating all these into one garment can appear overwhelming; however, this dress demonstrates that they can work harmoniously to create a striking yet marketable garment.

Sarah's Pick
I love the black and white high-collared dresses, in the print of arrowheads, worn by twins as they entered the catwalk. It was as though I was seeing double, and that left a strong impression. In doing so, it brought out the boldness and parallels in the design – very sharp and attention grabbing.

Stephanie's Pick
This was my favourite look because although the front is sleek and simple, the other side of the dress features a beautifully draped low back. It was a great twist on the classic black dress. Even though this collection displayed great fashion, I was most taken by the immaculate braids and sleek ponytail combination.

For additional photos from this event, check it out here via Western Canada Fashion Week. Which collections were your favourites? Indeed, we are very looking forward to the next season come spring!

& Carmen backstage doing makeup!

xo Meraki Connexion

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