Friday, 6 November 2015

Autumn Wreath

With the leftover faux blooms, from Frida's floral crown, I decided to use the remaining flowers and create a wreath to decorate the front door. The burnt orange and stormy ocean blue was subdued enough to serve as an appropriate colour palette. The base was made with branches gathered from my backyard. Otherwise, you can go with a pre-made wreath.

Faux flowers with leaves
Florist's tape
Branch clippers
Wire cutter
Darning needle

  1. Shape the branches into a circular shape. It takes some patience to get the shape right, but you can achieve it by carefully bending the branches and wrapping wire around multiple strategic points.
  2. Once you have your base, it's time to add on the leaves. These leaves, in particular, were already threaded through the stem, so I cut the stems with the leaves still attached and wove them in the grooves of the wreath. If necessary, I used florist's tape (or wire) to secure the ends. Alternatively, you can use a hot glue gun and affix the leaves sans stem.
  3. Pop the flowers off the stem, and use a darning needle (or a thick needle) to poke a hole through the receptacle of the flower. Thread a piece of wire through, about 6 inches in length, and twist the wire to secure the flower in place. With the tail ends remaining, wrap that around the wreath. Attach more flowers/ decorative elements until the desired look is achieved.
  4. Hang it up, and admire your handiwork!

xo Ann

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