Friday, 20 November 2015

Holiday Shopping Tips

As December draws closer many of us are looking to spread holiday cheer by finding the perfect gift for our friends and family. While for many gift shopping can be overwhelming and seen as a chore, for a few of us this is a vital part of the holidays. Therefore, we have compiled a few tips to make your holidays more merry!

Plan Your Shopping

  • Make a List - Know who you are buying for.
  • Have a Budget - No one enjoys the shock of opening your credit card statement in January. *This also helps us indecisive shoppers when it comes to narrowing down your choices.* 

Give Yourself Time 

  • Start Early - Nothing can be worse than fighting the last minute shopping crowds or finding out your perfect gift has sold out. 
  • Set aside a full day or weekend - Finish it all off in one go so you can enjoy the rest of your holidays with friends and family.


  • Know Your Facts - Find out if what your looking for is really fitting for who you intend to give it to. (No one wants something that will just collect dust!) 
  • Compare Brands & Read Reviews - This is handy for those big ticket items or the latest and greatest to know if they really live up to expectations and aren't just a trend.
  • Ordering Online - Purchasing items online can save you time and sometime money too! Know the return policy.

Don't Buy Just Because 

  • Its Better Because It's Cheaper - Avoid purchases just because they are on sale. Not many retailers allow for you to exchange or return sale items. Plus, let's face it. There's a reason it's on sale.
  • Do They Really Want It? - All gifts should have some thought put into them. Stop contributing to others' junk accumulation. 
  • Can it be Returned? - Someone's going to change their mind right? 

Have a Plan B

  • Gift Cards - These can be your savior. Some one is bound to be forgotten, or a last minute gift exchange may pop up. It's not a bad idea to have a quick back up gift idea in mind! 

Whether you find holiday shopping excruciatingly painful or a highlight of the season, don't forget gifts are not the most important part of the holidays! Take a breather, enjoy a hot beverage and relax, everyone will have a jolly good time no matter what.

All photos found on Tumblr.

xo Meraki Connexion

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