Friday, 25 December 2015

Childhood Christmas Memories

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Christmas during adulthood, is more often stressful than fun. Working into the holidays, preparing gifts, making plans, and attending gatherings (perhaps even dealing with drama) can put a damper in the holiday spirit. It still can be full of good cheer, but it takes more effort than just waking up on Christmas morning to open presents beneath the tree. We're looking back on our Christmases from years ago as a reminder for our adult selves the meaning of Christmas as it was in our childlike innocence.


Thanks to this photo, I can trace back my earliest memory of setting up the Christmas tree to when I was five. I still recall hauling in a newly bought fresh Spruce tree that my dad had bought into the house and decorating it with my mom and younger brothers. Dressed in my favourite dress, wearing my favourite bow, and with my favourite angel (standing in the corner of the window still), this image draws back to familiar traditions and the festivities of the season. Although the tree looks pretty bare here, I am thankful to have this memory because it leads me to set up the Christmas tree year after year as a recollection of my fondest childhood memories with my family.

Another highlight I look forward to is going to church on Christmas day for service and coming together with brothers and sisters in Christ. It reminds me of the true reason for the season and the significance of what I do and why I do them because of my faith.


What I am most fond of, during the Christmas season, is wrapping presents. I think I enjoy wrapping presents so much is because it was an activity unique to myself and my dad. He was the one who taught me how to fold the neat creases and how to curl the ribbons as a child. I always enjoyed lending a hand holding down the paper while he did the taping and vice versa.

Growing up, my dad always found ways for my siblings and I to be active and enjoy the cold winter season, namely sledding down Government House Park, walking through Candy Cane Lane, and skating at Hawrelak Park (especially when Bright Nights was still on). The best part was when we hung onto the tail of each others' coats and my dad would lead us in a choo-choo train on the frigid lake.


Christmas is always a major event in my family. There is no way my mom will not let the holiday slide by without roasting a large turkey at a large family gathering. As long as I can remember, Christmas day involved me adorning a new, fancy, festive outfit. Needless to say, I am now always looking forward to dressing up for holiday parties! 

As a child celebrating the holidays at school was one of my favourite moments. Singing Christmas carols, decorating gingerbread men, and crafting decor was all too exciting. Even better was a visit from Santa for me to receive a gift and share all of my holiday wishes!

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