Friday, 4 December 2015

Uppercase Press

Living in a modern era where messages are sent and received instantly, the thought of handwriting a note is almost foreign. As the holidays are right around the corner, I was looking for something to spread the holiday cheer that would be a little more personal. Last week I was able to create these greeting cards and tags during a workshop at Uppercase Press.

Uppercase Press is a local letterpress studio, where Lu Mascaro creates fantastically unique and individually printed stationary. During the workshop I learnt so much about printing and letterpress that I really had no idea about. 
Here are some fun facts Lu shared:
- Letterpress is the oldest form of print making
- Gutenberg was the first to invent the letterpress machine where he went on to use this technique to print the Bible
- Originally, the texture of letterpress print was not intended
- Martha Stewart introduced the letterpress as an elegant technique for stationary in the 90's

There were four stages to the workshop:
(1) Planning out my greetings.
(2) Spelling out my greeting on the composing stick
(3) Mixing the ink and prepping the press
(4) Printing my cards

Before the workshop I wasn't sure how complex or how much arm muscle letterpress would require (surprisingly, my weakling arms did alright), but it ended up being quite straightforward. The though of the letterpress being used to print bulky items, such as the Bible and newspapers, baffles me completely. The Uppercase Press workshop was a great learning experience and so much fun! If you are interested in taking a workshop learn more about it at

xo Steph

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