Friday, 15 January 2016

Wearing Yellow

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One of my best buddies, Lauren, has done it again with great ideas for posts! She suggested I write one on how to wear yellow for Asian skin tones. I suppose with having yellow undertones, there may be a slight hesitation in wearing such a colour for fear of bringing out that warm hue. That seems to be the case when picking out a red lipstick. You want to find one with cool undertones so as not to bring out the yellow of your teeth. For a while, I did feel wary about wearing yellow, but I just loved how the colour could stir a peppier feeling. There's just a spring in one's step when you're a walking clump of sunshine - particularly in the winter time!

Although mustard is the easiest type of yellow to wear, it doesn't have to be just that. We've got bright yellow, pastel yellow, fluorescent yellow, chartreuse, yellow of the slightly burnished variety, and more. Whatever yellow you choose, you just have to wear it with gusto!

I would suggest starting small with accessories, a bag, or a pair of shoes. Once you become more comfortable with it, you can start adding separates into your wardrobe. I'm pretty sure I have enough to make an entirely yellow outfit of the most ridiculous nature. Playing it down with neutrals, greys especially, will help to make the colour more "wearable". But if you want to go big, shine on (although I think my pasty legs are the standouts here)!

If you haven't done so already, perhaps this is a way for you to try something new for the new year. Now go forth and beam in yellow!

(Photo Credits: Kimmie Hoang)

xo Ann

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