Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Tuesday Thoughts: OOTW

This month's Tuesday Thoughts is about sharing our outfits of the week. For me, I don't often plan my ensembles in advance. What I wear tends to be chosen based on how much I have time to get ready, the weather outside, and whether or not I can be bothered to shave my legs. It is kind of fun to look back at what one has worn over the week, and see if any running themes or commonalities can be identified.

Day 1

I am incapable of wearing all black. There needs to be colour somewhere. 

Day 2

This one is my favourite with the bright colours and gold-toed shoes.

Day 3

"I'm afraid I just blue myself." - Tobias Funke

Day 4

A dress fit for a vixen. This one garnered plenty of compliments! 

Day 5

These floral pants are my go-to for lazy days, or when I just need a little more breathing room since they have an elastic waistband.

Day 6

Feeling glam in red, gold, and leopard!

Day 7

This pleated mini skirt has so much fullness and is perfect for flirty days.

I'll admit, this is not my favourite Tuesday Thoughts. It did challenge me to learn how to take outfit selfies although this still needs some practice. My arms aren't long enough to capture the outfit, and my fingers aren't limber enough to balance a phone and snap a photo at the same time. 

xo Ann

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