Friday, 6 May 2016

Freddy Pants: The Push-Up Bra for your Butt

The story behind this is that I would always walk past the store, too intimidated to try them on until a friend encouraged me to just go for it. These pants provide the control where you need it and the enhancement where you need it. Given the very few assets I have, I might as well highlight my best ones.

Pleather pants have yet to be added to my wardrobe, so they might as well be ones that feel like consensually-permitted hands holding up my rear. And that's just what Freddy pants do!

With their WR.UP® technology, you can get the lift sans surgery. They achieve this effect with a silicon strip along the waistband, a similar membrane seamlessly fused onto the hip and thigh area, push-up panels, and unique style lines that are curved to enhance the shaping. And they're available in a range of rises, fabrics, and colours.

Give these a try yourself! The staff already know people get a little freaked out by these pants anyways.

A special shout to my little tiger, Kimmie, for taking the photos! It's a nice break not having to take my own shots.

xo Ann

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