Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Tuesday Thoughts: Haunts

This Tuesday Thoughts highlights the local gems where we like to unwind. We're picking our favourite cafe, restaurant, and shop for retail therapy. It's slightly torturous making me choose one place per category, but if I am to choose my current favourites, these would be it.

Monogram Coffee 

I do not come here for the coffee for the simple reason that I cannot do coffee. However, I am blown away by their London Fog. It's so fragrant and rich with just the right amount of sweetness. I've even gone on London Fog hunts at other coffee shops, but this place makes by far my favourite. That's no surprise since they've earned international accolades. 

Image: Calgary Herald


It's usually for someone's birthday when we go out for all-you-can-eat sushi. Oishii offers a regular menu as well as deluxe pricing, but even then it's only a little over $30 per person. The sashimi is fresh, and the rolls are scrumptious along with a variety of other dishes to try. The quality is quite good for the value. 

Image: Yelp

Danielle's Consignment 

I find the quality and interest in consignment stores more refined and more appreciated in Calgary. Danielle's Consignment is situated on the popular 17th Avenue, and the selection here is quite spectacular. They cater to a vast price range, from the more affordable pieces to swanky designer duds. For a relatively small space, there's a lot to rifle through. I spotted a pair of fierce Burberry boots here. No, I did not buy them. 

Image: 17th Ave

For sure, there are so many places I've yet to explore. Thank goodness I have more time (with the permanent position), in Cowtown, to keep checking off my list!

xo Ann

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