Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Tuesday Thoughts: Haunts

This month's Tuesday Thoughts are so fitting for me because I absolutely love exploring new places and revisiting favourites on repeat. It must be the adventurous soul in me, so read on to find out my recommendations for a twist on java, a hearty protein nostalgia, and some bossy accessories.

Cafe Tiramisu

This locally owned cafe and restaurant is on one of my favourite streets, 124th street. Not only is their signature tiramisu love at first sight (plated or spooned into a cup), they are probably the first to concoct a heavenly tiramisu latte! I love the blend of sweetness and bitter tones in one cup - just the right amount to get this sweet tooth drinking coffee. Cafe Tiramisu is also fabulous for brunch, a gelato stop, or for a full-on Italian meal!

Seoul Fried Chicken

Since their early beginnings, I've been a fan. Not only are the fusion flavours of Seoul Fried Chicken mouth-watering, they also teleport me back to Korea where I fell in love with their battered fried chicken with a side of beer (still not a beer connoisseur though). With seven amazing flavours, creative salads (I love the Kale Ceasar), and a great lunch box deal, you'll be coming here in no time. Did I mention they have a stamp card? Now that's another reason to get hooked!

Miss Boss

What can I say? Not only am I in amour with 124 Street, I love supporting local businesses as well. Miss Boss has been a hidden gem for me when I need to find a new statement piece for an everyday or special occasion. With a curated and unique selection of arm candy, accessories, and even clothing brands. They are a cozy boutique, but you'll be surprise at the finds here.

Have you been to any of these places? Let me know your thoughts and experiences!

xo Sarah 

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