Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Tuesday Thoughts: Haunts

Although I don't go out quite often, of the few local places I've visited Edmonton has a good variety of shops and places to eat that maybe you wouldn't expect to be pleasantly happy to enter!

Leva Cafe

This cafe is great for a simple bite to eat, a warm drink, and a delicious sweet treat. I'm sure everyone else is here for their caffeine kick, but for me their London Fog is where it's at. You can't go wrong with the margherita pizza and the selection of gelato is perfect to enjoy on the patio during a hot summer day!

Workshop Eatery

I was first introduced to the Workshop Eatery at a staff holiday party. This place exudes cool with the open kitchen layout and delicious locally sourced food. There aren't many restaurants like this that are located on the southside of the city. It's definitely worth checking out!

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Edmonton Journal

Rocky Mountain Soap Company

This isn't exactly a local boutique, but since the company is Alberta based I feel it still qualifies. Originating from Canmore, this store is committed to be toxin free and offers a variety of natural skin care products. As someone who is quite sensitive to many skin care products, it's quite important to have a natural option. Even better is their promise to be environmentally-friendly!

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