Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Tuesday Thoughts: Summer Vibes

Summer officially arrived yesterday, but I've been loving the longer evenings and weekends since May. In the past two summers, I've worked seasonally as a wedding planner assistant, so it will be different having more free weekends to enjoy. Below are my top five summer vibes I'm looking forward to.

Summer Classics: From Taste of Edmonton to Heritage Days, I've been going to these events since I was a child and love going to them on repeat.

New Love: Patios. Sitting in the sun. Drink in hand. The equation is symbol, yet delightful.

Summer Babe: I'm a summer baby, and though being born late August usually signifies the end of the holidays, I will be heading to Iceland to celebrate my quarter of a century birthday! Super stoked for their renown long hours of sunshine and a new adventure ahead!

Transitional Months: To me, summer is also a time for making changes and thinking ahead to what my future plans are. The longer days gives me hope and a positive outlook for the days ahead.

La Blog: Time went by in a blink of an eye and it's our one year! Excited to see how our blog will unfold its next chapter!

xo Sarah

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