Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Calgary Adventures 2.0

I might just write an annual post about my adventures down in Calgary seeing that it's been a joy every time I venture south. Having had such an unforgettable experience last year (you can read all about my highlights here), I had an urge to go down during a Stampede weekend again. Fortunately and with great timing, my friend Rachelle landed a spot with Market Collective and I had another reason to go assist her in featuring her jewellery line, Rimley. You may have recalled our collaboration with her last summer in this post

This year's highlights included the following:

Image: Bulgogi Fries & Shallot Chicken
Image: Mango Tapioca Sweet Soup

Late Night Eats

Driving in late on Friday,  we had a craving for chicken. Wow Chicken had good reviews and we decided to check it out. Indeed we were "wow-ed." The chicken hit the spot (though the shallots flavoured one could use more seasoning), and the bulgogi flavoured fries were a uniquely mix of sweet and salty, like kettle popcorn. Of course, we couldn't stop at that and went to the popular Dessert House in Chinatown to cap off with some HK style sweets like the steamed egg with ginger pudding, egg waffles, and mango tapioca sweet soup.

Rimley table & I

Market Collective 

Though I've shopped at MC before, being in the shoes of a vendor was a different experience. It was neat to share with others the story behind Rimley and talk with other artisans as well. It reminded me of my passion to have a business one day along with the highs and lows of being a business woman. I absolutely enjoyed the encouraging stories and supportive atmosphere from this show!

Enjoying our mini donut popsicles

Peking Acrobats

Stampede Fun

Due to the economy, the Stampede did cut back on some stunt shows and activities as compared to last year. However, it was still plenty of fun, and the Peking acrobatics show made our admission worth it. Speaking of which, you can save some money by purchasing 2 adult admissions for $27 at your nearest Mac's among other deals. My friend and I also fell in love with the mini donut popsicles with real mini donut pieces! Plus, you can never go wrong with the wine gardens when it pours. 

Container Bar
Image: Brasserie signage and interior

Hip Local Eats

My friends and I really wanted to go to the Container Bar due to its hip reviews and patio vibes, but since it wasn't opened early enough, we went to it's next door neighbour Brasserie for lunch. We knew it would satisfy us upon entry due to the occupied seats, friendly service, and cheery menu. To our luck, we found out that they used to be the same owner as the Container Bar, so their menu items overlapped! The food was scrumptious, fresh, and filling. I definitely recommend the Kensington area for local eats! 

Rafting along the Bow River towards downtown
My friend Sash and I

Rafting Adventures 

Last, but not least, the favourite part of this trip-rafting! Lazy Day Rafts has such simple and efficient services to offer you a great experience. It came to less than $20 per person for the four of us and since we were short on time, we chose the 1.5 hour rafting route from Shouldice Park. It was a great experience, and there was even a splash at the end when we hit a dip in the river. 

Calgary is definitely an accessible and fun getaway when you just need a mini hiatus from Edmonton. We were overjoyed by the volume of activities we could fit in without feeling overwhelmed with the time constraint. What is your favourite thing to do when in Calgary? 

xo Sarah 

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