Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Tuesday Thoughts: Blogiversary Rewind

As you know, this month is our One Year Blogiversary! Meraki Connexion has grown immensely this year as we dived into the joy of writing, pushed creative content out, and ventured through the growing pains of running a lifestyle blog. 

This month, we want to rewind a bit and reflect on how this year went for us as we share about our favourite and most challenging post. We hope you take the time to check out or revisit our past posts as we wouldn't be here without your support.

Favourite Post - Wedding Guest Looks

This is still one of my favourite posts I look back on. I love the idea behind it as it was featured during the short but definitely sweet wedding season we had here in Edmonton last summer. I came up with this initial idea of doing a wedding guest look post since I was working in the wedding industry and always enjoyed the idea of dressing up for someone's big day. I love the personality that a couple brings into their wedding day and how it can be visually conveyed

It was also a lot of fun shooting in a spontaneously-discovered location hidden in a neighbourhood near the University of Alberta.  I feel it was also the first collaborative post that pushed the four of us to think about how to dress suitably for each theme. Some of the shots turned out very editorial and it was a post that garnered plenty of views and comments! 

Most Challenging Post - Tuesday Thoughts: OOTW

This post was considered the most challenging for me because it took a quite some time to compile. Each day I had to be mindful of the weather, the time of day, and lighting so that I could get that #ootd selfie I needed. It took some time to also practice angling my arm a certain way or pose tightly so that I could share my whole outfit.

Despite the struggle at first, I would totally do this again as it was a great visual diary of what I wore in a week. I also liked being able to see what patterns stood out and think about why I dress the way I do. 

xo Sarah 

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