Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Tuesday Thoughts: Blogiversary Rewind

It's amazing to look back at what can be achieved in a year. Alongside happily reminiscing, it's also hard to wrap your head around something that happened a year ago, when it feels like it was last week. That's exactly how I feel about looking back at our first few posts.

Favourite Post - YEG Ice Castle

There are far too many posts I've enjoyed getting dressed up for, but this post differentiates itself from all the others because it involved winter attire and exploring YEG. I love winter for the fluffy white blanket of snow the city becomes covered in, and adorning hats, coats, and boots (I'm all for cosy attire). This post brought content in fashion and experience - two of my favourite things to blog about!

Most Challenging Post - Tuesday Thoughts: Outfit Inspiration

Strange that I feel I struggled the most with this post, because I was the one who came up with this idea. This might be because I wanted to challenge myself to think outside of the box, and attempt a style I wouldn't usually go for. It was difficult deciding on who I would use as inspiration and how to pose "more like a boy". However, in the end I think this post turned out to have some of my favourite photos.

xo Steph

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