Friday, 9 September 2016

Troubleshooting "Brablems"

Let's be real, we all have "brablems" - problems with our bras. Is it even possible that the perfect bra exists out there? It's very well likely that there is no such thing as the perfect bra, but there are certainly ways to get closer to bra bliss.

ThirdLove would know because they are in the business to helping you comfortably find a great bra without the discomfort of having a stranger take your measurements. How so? By using their app! They also know that breasts don't come standard and have expanded their criteria when it comes to fit. If anything, it's with ThirdLove where you'll find the most comfortable, most "customized" bra for you. Not to mention we've got an incentive for you at the end of this post. But before we get to that, we're going to share our brablems paired with some solutions.

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Steph// I may be one of the few who actually enjoys bra shopping. The feeling of fresh new undergarments is superb - or maybe I just love the thrill of purchasing new things? However, this does not mean I don't suffer from brablems still.
My biggest brablem: sloped shoulders = the constant annoyance of straps falling down.

Solution// It seems ridiculous to remind you to adjust your straps regularly but I'm 100% guilty of not doing so. Trust me this can help! But if you suffer from droopy shoulders like I do, look for racer back or changeable strap options.

Ann// I am one who doesn't believe push-ups bras are a form of "false advertising". If anything, I could use a little help with some foamy bits. I am susceptible to cup gaping, so I have to make sure not to pick ones that are 75% foam. Sure Victoria's Secret Bombshell bra claims to add two cup sizes, but on me they feel more like I'm being stuffed into a lifejacket.

Solution// I'll go for ones with just a hint of push-up, and I just need to make sure to get into the habit of regularly tightening the straps. Although perhaps my biggest problem is that I feel like I can never have too many pretty underpinnings!

Sarah// I tend to go bra shopping when there's a need for a specific bra in mind or the need for better support. Strapless for a special occasion? Supportive sports bra for the gym? These questions aren't hard to answer with the right bra, but my brablem is finding a bra that is able to give me leverage support without adding extra padding since I am on the curvier side. A bra that gives the right amount of lift, yet is comfortable and light weight would be perfect. As a modest girl, I like having full coverage and being able to feel like my bra is barely there.

Solution// Bands can loosen quickly overtime so it's better to have a tight band than to have a bra worn out too quick. Sometimes it's better to go up a size or wear an equivalent size to get the best fit. Don't worry too much about the number/letter, but rather prioritize how you feel in it!

We feel your frustrations with bras; let's conquer those brablems with these simple tips and tricks!

In a few weeks, we'll be revealing our favourite bras from ThirdLove. In the meantime, they would like to share with you a special discount code! If you're feeling a little on-the-fence, click here for their 30-day trial offer. We can't wait for ours to arrive! (Update: The promo code was changed to a working one.)

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