Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Tuesday Thoughts: Fall Favourites

I can tell you what I'm not looking forward to about fall - having to wait warm up my car and waiting for the windshield to defog. Snarkiness aside, these are the things I look forward to this season.

Photo from Tumblr

1. Autumn Sunsets - When the light hits the leaves, it's as if the land is painted in gold. 

2. Tea Lattes - Bitter weather lends more reason to sip on tea lattes.

3. Cinnamon Toast Ice Cream - Village Ice Cream recently came out with Cinnamon Toast ice cream, and it was scrumptious. Rarely do I ever deviate from my Earl Grey and Phil & Sebastian Coffee combo. 

4. Boots - For me it's only something I wear in the fall/ winter months, but I love how boots can easily refine my outfit. 

5. Season Premieres - I'm excited for the return of some of my favourite TV shows for days when I need a distraction. 

xo Ann

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