Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Your Jacket is the Bomb

Looking for a new way to freshen up my wardrobe for the new season, I couldn't help but be attracted to what seems to be the must have piece for everyone at the moment. Bomber jackets. 

All photos from Tumblr

Bomber jackets are a real big hit this season across several retailers and have almost become a staple piece for everyone's wardrobe. I already own a varsity style jacket which some of you may say is quite similar. However unlike my varsity jacket that I wear as a coat, I was looking for a bomber that would serve the same purpose as a blazer. After being on the look out for a couple of months I decided on this lovely burgundy bomber from Dynamite. The versatility of this jacket is perfect for my "in progress" capsule wardrobe - looks great with jeans and a tee, leggings and a tank, and even a casual dress!

xo Steph

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